Upcoming Painted Hills Events





It's gardening Sunday! Please make sure your child wears close-toed shoes and clothes that are okay to get a little dirty! Sunscreen, hat, and water bottle are also a great idea!



Please join the CPH Crop Hunger Walk team at this link here: https://www.crophungerwalk.org/tucsonaz/Team/View/44539/Church-of-the-Painted-Hills

If you can't walk that day, you can still help us raise funds! Please talk to Bethany about details.


*Save these dates!*

Upcoming youth events:

October 29th- Crop Hunger Walk 1:30pm

November- Parents' Night Out **Date being finalized SOON!

December 10th- Caroling to those homebound and/or hurting


Parents and youth, please know that you can contact me anytime. I want to be a resource for the whole family!


Bethany Stocker, Dir. of Youth Ed., (602) 930-3280, bethany.stocker@yahoo.com

Church of the Painted Hills

(602) 930-3280






Friday, October 6:

        Centering Prayer, 12:00 noon. Bring a sack lunch

        Qi Gong Class, 1:00p.m.


Friday, October 13:

        Centering Prayer, 12:00 noon. Bring a sack lunch

        Qi Gong Class, 1:00p.m.


Sunday, October 15:

        Mission Moment Ė Bread for the World

        Bread for the World letter writing, after service.  Potluck:  learn more about Don Eastís new Education Series, CPH Calendar and update from Mitzi


Tuesday, October 17:

        Casa Maria Sandwich Making, 8:30a.m.


Thursday, October 19:

        Council Meeting, 6:00p.m.


Friday, October 20:

        Centering Prayer, 12:00 noon. Bring a sack lunch

        Qi Gong Class, 1:00p.m.

Sunday, October 22:

        Fall Congregational Meeting after service.  Reports from Council and Pastoral Search Committee


Friday, October 27:

        Centering Prayer, 12:00 noon. Bring a sack lunch

        Qi Gong Class, 1:00p.m.


Sunday, October 29:

        Mission Moment Ė Fearless Generosity






417 Sandwiches were made on Tuesday, September 19th.  Thanks to all who came to help out.


If you havenít come before or just havenít come in a while, make a point to come out to help in this worthwhile outreach every 3rd Tuesday morning of each month at 8:30a.m.  Donations of bread, lunchmeat and sandwich cheese throughout the month are greatly appreciated or you can bring them when you come to help out.







Please come help meet CPHís commitment in joining with other gardenerís in cleaning up the grounds of Blue Moon Gardens.  This is a time to socialize with other gardenerís, as well as seeing what the Youth Group has accomplished!  Join us!


These meetings are held monthly, every 3rd Saturday




In May it was just Sally and Fran,

Cleaning up Speedway as best as two people can.

With just two people and lots of trash,

They managed to pick up most if it fairly fast.

June clean-up it was just Carol and Sally,

Again just two people but we decided to rally

Our energy and clean up the mess.

It was daunting at first I must confess,

But we persevered and got a lot done,

Early on Saturday before the hot sun.

There were lots of plastic bags hanging from trees,

The roadway was littered with bottles and other debris.

We used our grabbers to clean up the mess,

We worked for an hour then decided to rest.

The CPH Clean Team will break for the summer

And hope in the fall the team will increase in number.

Our next clean-up will be 7:00 a.m. the 14th of October,

Add it to your calendar so you'll remember!



Tucson Crop Hunger Walk


***Oops!  Here's a correction about the Tucson Crop Hunger Walk.  If you plan to make a donation to the Walk by check, the checks should be made out to CWS/Crop.***


What are the funds we raise for?

  • 75% of the funds go to Church World Services's refugee, disaster relief,  and self-help development work
  • 25% stays in Tucson for the Community Food Bank, Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, and ICS Interfaith Community Services
  • Recently Church World Service shipped 56,687 pre-prepared hygiene kits, blankets, and emergency cleanup buckets to Houston after hurricane Harvey

             ********               ********              ********            *********

Donation envelopes are now available for the Tucson Crop Hunger Walk.  If you are a Crop Walker and would like to collect cash and/or donations by check, please see Sally for your own Donation Envelope.  Make sure checks are made out to CWS/Crop and let people know that their check won't be cashed until after the walk on October 29th.


Register to walk by visiting the link below:



You can register by clicking the Register tab at the top or by scrolling down and clicking the Join Our Team tab.  It's not too early to start fundraising for this event.  Follow the simple directions to post your own personal fundraising page to social media sites and/or sending email messages to your friends and family.  They have templates you can use to do this.  


Supporters are also needed for the Church of the Painted Hills Walk team.  You can donate by cash, check (made out to CWS/Crop) or by visiting the link above and clicking the donate button. 

Be a Crop Walker        Be a Crop Walk Supporter