Painted Hills Events




It's Father's Day this Sunday! Join us for Sunday school and an ice cream social honoring fathers will follow the service! The church has asked for any youth to help serve ice cream. Please let Bethany know if your youth can help serve.


Don't forget to sign up for VBS! We're looking for more helpers too so if your 13 or older and want to help the younger kids have a great time, please consider volunteering! You can contact Bethany or sign up/register using this link:


Upcoming youth events:

June 18th- help serve at Father's Day Ice Cream Social

July 17th-21st- VBS Register here!

Bethany Stocker,

Director of Youth Education

Church of the Painted Hills

(602) 930-3280







Please come help meet CPHís commitment in joining with other gardenerís in cleaning up the grounds of Blue Moon Gardens.  This is a time to socialize with other gardenerís, as well as seeing what the Youth Group has accomplished!  Join us!


These meetings are held monthly, every 3rd Saturday




Thursday, June 15: (TODAY)

        Council Meeting 6:00p.m.


Saturday, June 17:

        Community Garden Meeting/Clean Up Party, 8:00a.m.


Sunday, June 18:

        Fatherís Day, Ice Cream Social after service, 11:15a.m.


Monday, June 19:

        VBS Meeting, 5:00p.m.


Tuesday, June 20:

        Casa Maria Sandwich Making, 8:30a.m.


Saturday, July 15:

        Community Garden Meeting/Clean Up, 8:00a.m.


Monday, July 17 Ė Friday, July 21:

        Vacation Bible School, 9:00a.m. Ė 12:00p.m.


Thursday, July 20:

        Council Meeting, 6:00p.m.


Saturday, July 29:

        Annual CPH All-Church Picnic, Rose Canyon (Mt. Lemmon), 8:00a.m.-7:00p.m.





Canned Spaghetti Sauce and reusable cloth grocery bags


Visit for a complete list of most-needed items





Sandwich Making for Casa Maria Kitchen



If you havenít come before or just havenít come for a while, make a point to come out to help in this worthwhile outreach every

3rd Tuesday morning of each month at 8:30a.m.




**Please bring in donations of bread, lunchmeat and sandwich cheese throughout the month or bring them with you when you come to help out.  Donations are greatly appreciated!!**





In May it was just Sally and Fran,

Cleaning up Speedway as best as two people can.

With just two people and lots of trash,

They managed to pick up most if it fairly fast.

June clean-up it was just Carol and Sally,

Again just two people but we decided to rally

Our energy and clean up the mess.

It was daunting at first I must confess,

But we persevered and got a lot done,

Early on Saturday before the hot sun.

There were lots of plastic bags hanging from trees,

The roadway was littered with bottles and other debris.

We used our grabbers to clean up the mess,

We worked for an hour then decided to rest.

The CPH Clean Team will break for the summer

And hope in the fall the team will increase in number.

Our next clean-up will be 7:30 a.m. the 9th of September,

Add it to your calendar so you'll remember!





The 1st meeting of the planning committee for the CROP Hunger Walk met to set the date for this year's Crop Hunger Walk.  Church of the Painted Hills has participated in the last 2 walks to raise funds to overcome poverty here in Tucson as well as worldwide.


This year's Crop Walk is scheduled for Sunday, October 29th.  In 2015, the first year that CPH participated, we raised $1205!  Last year we raised $1630!  That's quite an accomplishment for such a small church.  Here's what those funds can do to help overcome poverty:

  • $100 purchases gardening tools
  • $100 purchases bees for 4 hives
  • $100 purchases literacy classes for 4 women
  • $105 purchases 3 birthing kits
  • $250 purchases a sewing machine
  • $250 purchases 2 goats
  • $1000 purchases a water pump and training

These are just a few of the many gifts the funds we raise helps others overcome poverty.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if CPH could continue their generous spirit of fund raising in support of the Tucson Crop Hunger Walk?


Mark your calendars and watch for Crop Hunger Walk Updates as the date for the walk gets closer.  We need walkers and donors to beat our fund raising amount from last year.  Let's see if we can reach $2000 for 2017.