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During one of our shifts at the shelter for asylum seekers a teenage girl and her father came into the Bodega Ropa. When she walked in she looked at the table of shoes and excitedly said, zapatos, zapatos! Thankfully, among the table of donated shoes were a pair that fit her and a pair that fit her father. The shoes in the picture above were the shoes the teenager was wearing when she came into the Bodega.


Growing up I had a poster with a native American prayer on my bedroom wall that read:


“Great Spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.


That prayer came to mind when I saw those shoes. It reminded me of the times I judged others without taking the time to understand their situation or get to know them as a person rather than an issue or a cause. It is an easy trap to fall into and why Jesus wants us to build relationships with people outside of our own circles and become part of the community Jesus is building in Tucson and throughout the world.


Sunday we continue on the way to Jerusalem with Jesus and consider the request of James and John to sit at Jesus right and left in glory.


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