Dear friends,


This interim time is a time for discernment.  May we all be in discernment about who God is leading us to be as individuals and as a congregation.  May we be in discernment about our congregational mission at this point in our journey so that we can rightly choose the next permanent pastor who can lead us to accomplish that mission. The most important practice we could engage together right now is prayer. As we connect with God through prayer, we will be given the guidance we need. To that end, I propose that we pray the same Scriptures together weekly so that we can continue to grow in love and recognize the Spirit’s guidance in our daily lives. I invite us to pray in the way of “Lectio Divina,” which means “divine reading.” Below is the outline of such prayer which you can pray through the week and which will increase your understanding of the scripture and nurture you spiritually as you commune with God through it. You are invited to set aside ten minutes daily to read the scripture passage four times, following the suggestions below after each reading. The scripture will be the same scripture on which my sermon and our worship will be based so that we can be helped to move deeper into our relationship with God.  Let us pray together:


Praying Galatians 5:14 “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”


First reading of the scripture passage (read; lectio)


          Choose a word that speaks to you and say it aloud.


Second reading (think, meditate; meditatio)


          Make a brief statement about what the scripture passage means to you.


Third reading (affective prayer; oratio)


          Offer a simple prayer aloud that grows out of listening to God through the scripture passage.


Fourth reading (contemplative prayer; contemplatio)


          Rest silently in the presence and word of God.