Parking Lot Worship


We will begin our parking lot worship services at 10:15 am.


Some reminders for our parking lot worship:


1. Please park in the gravel lot on the east side of the property and walk to the paved lot.


2. Please wear a mask. If you forget your mask, we will have a disposable mask available for you.


3. Please bring your folding chairs and if you desire a shade umbrella. The altar will be at the west edge of the parking lot so you will be sitting with your backs to the sun.


4. When you arrive someone will be at a table to hand you a worship bulletin. This person will be wearing gloves for everyone’s protection.


5. Please maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from other family units. As a reference, each parking space is 10 feet wide and the stripes are at least 12 feet long.


6. There will be no congregational singing during the service.


7. If you desire a snack and beverage to enjoy during after worship appropriately distanced conversation please bring them along with you.


8. Receptacles will be provided to place any offerings you bring with you. There will not be a time of offering during the service.


9. We will have time for joys and concerns but to maintain physical distancing there will not be someone walking around with a microphone. I suggest emailing your joy or concern to me ahead of time, or writing it on a piece of paper and handing it to the person distributing the bulletins.


Friends, we look forward to being together for worship again but we also want to keep everyone safe. Please help us by following the guidelines for our parking lot worship.